Kaffee Trends: What is Mushroom Coffee???

Alles was Ihr über den neuen Trend aus Australien wissen müsst!

Tada: Kaffee gibt es jetzt auch in gesund, denn diese Kaffee-Instant-Mischung wird mit Extrakten von Pilzen wie dem Reishi- oder Chaga Pilz (Superfood Pilze) angereichert.

Praktisch: Das lösliche Kaffeepulver gibt es abgepackt zu kaufen, die Mischung wird mit heißem Wasser angerührt und soll die Konzentration fördern und das Immunsystem stärken.

Im Vergleich zu normalen Kaffee soll der Mushroom Coffee weniger Koffein enthalten – also für alle die nach 2 Tassen Kaffee schon etwas hibbelig werden, ist der Mushroom Coffee eine tolle Alternative.

The long awaited review…. ⭐Mushroom Mocha coffee⭐ If you haven't heard yet, mushroom coffee is a thing. In this case Chaga (Google that ish) + instant coffee + cacao powder. It comes in these little packets and it's just a powder that you mix with water. Pros: ⭐Easy to make ⭐A quadrillion health benefits (Hello antioxidants, immune boosting properties, etc.) ⭐Less caffeine ⭐Coffee + chocolate Cons: ⭐This one has added sugar and Stevia which I'm not a fan of ⭐Very muddy texture ⭐Taste is a 6/10 Overall this isn't bad. It left me wanting to try the other varieties that don't have added sugar. Also, it definitely left me feeling energized this morning, but with no caffeine crash. I drank a cup of this last night around 7pm as well and it did NOT keep me up all night (which is a miracle). Next up: order more flavors! Did you try it?! Tell me your thoughts! #mushroomcoffee #coffee #mocha #foursigmatic #cleaneats #health #fitgirls

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Why is the mushroom so popular in the wellness world right now? Cause he’s such a fungi! 😂 We couldn’t resist. 🍄 DYK: specific fungi have a long history of use as food and medicine. More than 270 species of fungi are known to have therapeutic properties, including Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi) which supports a more balanced immune system and enhances cardiovascular health; 🍄 Coriolus Versicolor (Turkey Tails) has been clinically shown to be effective against several cancers and viruses; 🍄 and Cordyceps Sinensis has demonstrated improvements in energy, appetite, stamina, libido, endurance, and sleeping patterns. Consumption of fungi is an essential part of healthy aging and well-being. We carry these and other mushroom products, like @gaiaherbs and @foursigmatic—stop by the store to check them out! #santéishealth – – – #santeintegrativepharmacy #compundpharmacy #princetonnj #princeton #shoplocalprinceton #mushrooms #fungi #onshrooms #foursigmatic #everydaymagic #gaiaherbs #wellness #cordyceps #healthyaging #wellbeing #healthylifestyle #immunesystem #mushroomcoffee #healthyliving #mushroomelixir #eatwellbewell #cardiovascularhealth

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